Welcome to M Grace Bakeshop, something I started as a cottage bakery business out of my home that has evolved into what you see here. After working as a pastry chef in Manhattan and San Francisco, I relocated to Cleveland in 2015 with my dietitian husband and two young kids, starting my business shortly thereafter. I originally produced and sold my baked goods locally as a wholesaler, enjoying the creativity of making beautiful food from beginning to end.  Along the way, I began to showcase my menu items on social media and fell in love with food photography.  M Grace Bakeshop is now a place to find my tried and true recipes, both sweet and savory. I will be documenting my baking experiences and the meals and snacks I make with my family and friends. You will also find photography tips and resources. If you are a company looking for a visual storyteller, I create well tested and crave worthy recipes that showcase your product and deliver high quality photographs that best convey your unique brand.